Types of Software Application Freeware, Shareware | MS Office Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi Lecture 3

types of Software

Lecture no 3 is dealing with the Types of Software and shareware software list and have complete demonstration of freeware and shareware programs with shareware examples Moreover after discussing what is freeware and shareware we will also discuss the difference between shareware and open source software. MS Office Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi includes demonstration online lecture video of How to install drivers manually as well as how to install drivers in windows 10 / How to install drivers in windows 7 . Basic IT and computer skills Test is included in every type of job test now a days in PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CTS and other job testing. Moreover By this MS Office Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi, you will be able to get both practical knowledge basic IT and computer skills and with our MS office MCQs tests with solved answers in Quiz and PDF downloads format you will be able to get yourself prepare for this type of jobs tests. We have recorded more than 40 videos.

Types of Software Application – Downloading Freeware, Shareware for Win 10 – Free Websites Lecture 3 | Types of Software’s

Similarly MS officer tutorial in Urdu and Hindi contains all videos to learn about MS Office management in a week. However This playlist includes the of Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows installation with basic online learning scale with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Moreover In this playlist we have added 41 total videos in which we have demonstrated Microsoft Word tutorials Microsoft Excel tutorials with formula and functions Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials and you basic how to earn online 2020 skills in Pakistan.

Lecture No 3 | Types of software | FPSC, PPSC, NTS, CTS Jobs Test Preparation

Similarly Almost every type of jobs by FPSC, PPSC and other Government and non government include the basic information technology and MS Office portion from 20 % to 40%. However This tutorial in Urdu and Hindi will help the aspirants of jobs of junior clerk, junior auditor, senior auditor, assistant, steno typist, secretary, personal assistant, constable, computer operator, data entry operator jobs, education jobs and many other jobs. Moreover Almost all job test preparation includes a computer and MS Office safe portion ranging from 20% to 40% MCQs are asked in the questions. Moreover in PPSC test preparations and job examinations mCQs questions about MS Office and basic computer and it skills are included in the the written test papers. In most of the jobs it is already mentioned in the advertisement that MS Office and computer basic and it skills portion will be included in the written test. MS Office tutorial in Hindi and Urdu you can be completed by an aspirant in one week by watching 324 videos everyday and it would provide him best top test preparation for every kind of above mentioned jobs.

You can watch this video in a week and can learn complete Microsoft office management course which is traditionally conducted in 6 month. Is playlist will teach you the best Microsoft office management it skills including Google voice typing how to create Gmail account how to install Windows and how to install drivers in your computer. Microsoft Excel and its formula and function is explain in Urdu and Hindi language so that a common and a new student can learn the skills of Microsoft Excel and how to apply formula and function easily in a week.

Latest videos of Microsoft Office videos about MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Internet Browning etc. These videos are recorded in easy way to teach the students about the commonly used Office management tricks like, Creating Resume, Writing Letters, Creating merit lists, creating presentations and internet browsing etc.

Author: A.J. Bhatti