What is Blogging and Types of Blogs

What is Blogging and Types of BLOGS

Blog is a shorter version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is an online journal showing information in the altering chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. Blogging is the set of many skills that the person making a blog needs to run and control a blog.The appearance of blogs changed over time but the types of blogs remain same all the time, and nowadays blogs include different items. But, most blogs include some standard features and structure Read More…

Blogs promote perfect reader engagement. Similarly Readers get a chance to comment and put forward their different concerns to the viewer. However Static websites, on the other hand, consists of the content presented on static pages. Content on the pages of static websites cannot change regularly however static pages are typically used for company’s introduction , CEO Message, About us and Contact us information which remains almost same and will not change whether Content on Blog sites updated regularly and the Bog owner updates their Blogs with new blog posts on daily basis.

The content on a static site will not change from one visit to the next however The content on a blog, yet, has the potential to offer something new each day, week, or month. Depending on the blog owner’s publishing schedule.

Types of Blogs

There are four types of BLOGS

  1. Personal BLOGS
  2. Collaborative BLOGS
  3. Micro BLOGGING
  4. Corporate and Organizational BLOGS

1 PERSONAL BLOGS | Types of Blogs

It is an ongoing online diary written by an individual in which his personal views are expressed and shown. Moreover It reflects the light on the day to day life of a blogger.


It is a type of a weblog in which posts are written and published by more than one author. However most of the blogs are based around a single uniting theme, such as politics or technology.

3 Micro blogging

The posting of digital textual , graphical content consisting of links and picture and short videos with short messaged or the other media formats on the internet is known as Micro Blogging.

4 Corporate and organizational blogs

There are many types of blogs you can write private blog,business Blogs however some Blogs are also written for the government services.

Corporate Blogs are used by organization to give directions to its employees and these blogs are available for all of corporate employees through internet. Corporate Blogs are used internally in the corporate. No body from outside the corporate have access to these Blogs.

Contents,Articles,Bloglines,BlogScope and Technorati are searched by thousands of people around the world with the help of different search engines. Similarly BLOGSPHERE is known as the collective and the most popular community of all blog authors as well as blogs.


It is the process of reaching ones home business target market through the use of a blog. However many business owners use a blogging platform, such as WordPress, for both their website and blog. Read More…..

Author: A.J. Bhatti