Things to Remember about PPSC Lecturer Job Apply

HOw to apply for ppsc lecturer job 2020

Special care of the following and note before you start applying for thw post PPSC Lecturer 2020.

1: Deposit Rs.600 / – at any branch of National Bank on the challan form prescribed by PPSC.
2: Be sure to enter the receipt number from the bank on the challan form as the entry of this number will be entered in your PPSC online data.
3: In the online application, an ID card, a picture and a bank challan will also be scanned in your profile. The case number related to your subject will already be given there in the list. From the same list you will enter your subject and case number.
4: Up to matriculation time, the following material will be listed in all your academic credentials
Category of subjects (Science / Arts)
The year these exams were passed.
Total numbers obtained
Board / University from which the examination was passed
Percentage of marks obtained
Result Declaration Date of All Examinations from Matriculation to M.A.
5: Domicile district and date ofu execution will also be listed.
6: Government employees must enter their employment card
7: The option of the Applying Throat Channel is for government employees which means you are applying through NOC.
8: Copy of NOC of government employees in PPSC profile will not be required at that time. Rather, the interview will be submitted in time.

  1. Government employees will define their tenure from the joining date to the date of application.
    10: The date of issue of the identity card will also be written.
    11: After the completion of the online process, the form you receive in printed form will not be sent to the PPSC office but you will keep it with you.
    12: PPSC Tracking ID will be kept with you so that the roll number slip can be downloaded based on the same ID.
    13: Enter your phone number in the profile which is Converted Network so that PPS message can reach you.

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