PPSC Test Preparation for Lecturer Computer Sciences Session 10

PPSC Test Preparation for Lecturer Computer Science

PPSC Test Preparation for Lecturer Computer Sciences Session 10 on Operating System concepts. Free online videos, pdf notes, solved mcqs with answers are provided as well. Furthermore live session on core subjects of tentative PPSC lecturer compute science syllabus on YouTube Channel. Today it is session number 10 of PPSC test preparation for computer science lecturers. We have discussed in previous sessions as well as online videos online quizzes conducted about object oriented programming and database concepts.

Now we are discussing operating system concepts in detail. As a result, aspirants of PPSC computer science lecturer jobs 2020 are are getting their test preparation in a good way.

PPSC Test Preparation for Lecturer computer Science

Firstly, we started with preparation of proposed PPSC computer science syllabus. However we could not find any official syllabus declared by Punjab Public Service Commission for the post of lecturer Computer Science. Therefore, we decided to check PPSC computer science PMS and GAT- subject syllabus for computer science. Moreover we collected the PPSC computer science lecturer past papers to get an idea of syllabus. In conclusion syllabus for lecturer computer science and started conducting online sessions for test preparation.

Here is outline for Operating system Syllabus from GAT- Sub and PMS of PPSC

Operating Systems : History and Goals, Evolution of multi-user systems, Process and CPU management, Multithreding, Kernel and User Modes, Protection, Problems of cooperative processes, Synchronization, Deadlocks, Memory management and virtual memory, Relocation, External Fragmentation, Paging and Demand Paging, Secondary storage, Security and Protection, File systems, I/O systems, Introduction to distributed operating systems. Scheduling, dispatch and Introduction to concurrency.

Today we will discuss following key topics : – Today’s Topics of Session 10 for PPSC test preparation fro Lecturer Computer Science Free online videos. :-

  • 1. What is Process Scheduling
  • 2. CPU Schedular
  • 3. CPU Dispatcher
  • 4. First-Come, First-Served (FCFS) Scheduling.
  • 5. Shortest-Job-Next (SJN) Scheduling.
  • 6. Priority Scheduling.
  • 7. Shortest Remaining Time.
  • 8. Round Robin(RR) Scheduling.
  • 9. Multiple-Level Queues Scheduling.
  • 10.Process Synchronization
  • 11. Problems of Cooperating Process
  • 12. Semaphores in IS
  • 13. race Condition
  • 14. Monitors
  • 15. Deadlock and starvation
  • 16. Conditions of Deadlock
  • 17. Deadlock avoidation
  • 18. Deadlock prevention
  • 19. Deadlock Detection

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