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PPSC Past Paper MCQS

Here are the best PPSC Past Papers MCQs 2021 pdf with Answers Free to Download For PPSC,FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India.

PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs with Solved Answers

81:Villi are small finger like structures in the

large intestine ,

 small intestine



82:Yeast is essential in making of bread because it produces

carbon dioxide




83:Kartarpur corridor links which Gurdwara to India

Punja Sahib

Darbar Sahib

 saccha Sauda

 rohri sahib

84:Pakistan being Alma Ala signatory in 1978 launched. The national program for family planning and Primary Health in


 19 68



85:after fertilization fruit develops from which part of the plant

Ovule wall




86:which disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin D



night blindness

 all of these

87:the largest famine hit Ethiopia in





88:the medians of a triangle cut each other in the ratio

 4 :1,

3 :1,

2 : 1,

1 : 1

89:who among the following was the longest serving chairman of senate

Mian Muhammad soomro

 Wasim Sajid Khan

 G.I Khan

Habibullah Marwar

90:which among the following is responsible for the clotting of the blood





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PPSC PAST PAPERS MCQs with Answers PDF | Free to Download For PPSC, FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests

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