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PPSC Past Paper MCQS

Here are the PPSC Past Paper Repeated MCQs 2021 / PPSC Latest One Paper MCQs with Answers Free to Download For PPSC,FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India.

PPSC Repeated MCQs 2021 with Solved Answers

91 Hanging Gardens in Babylon were located in modern-day?





92. first satellite Spuntnik 1 was launched in October 1957 , indicate the date

2 October 1957

 4 October 1957

 6 October 1957

  8 October 1957

93 the celebrated scientist Isaac Newton was?





94 Turnip is not described as





95 penicillin was discovered by

 Victor Fleming

 IAN flaming

  Alexander Fleming


96 .On 18 May 19 74 india exploded first nuclear device under the code name of?

Operation Blue Star Rakshak

 Gibraltar operation

  operation smiling Buddha


97 the poetry first written by Allama Iqbal in Persian and then translated in Urdu on popular demand?



 Zarb e Qaleem

Armghan e Hijaz

98. the book “Indian Musalmans” published in 1971 was written by?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

William Wilson Hunter

 Rudyard Kipling

  justice Amir Ali

99. Indian rebellion of 19 1857( war of independence) began on 10th may I from the town of





100. how many Shaba were martyred in the battle of Badar?





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PPSC General Knowledge Past Paper MCQs

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