PPSC Lecturer Computer Sciences Test Preparation Session 19 | Computer Architecture and Assembly

ppsc test preparation for computer Science Lecturer and Subject Speciliast - Session 19 Computer Architecture and Assembly programming

PPSC Lecturer Computer Sciences Test Preparation Session 19 | Computer Architecture and Assembly Programming Language. #PPSCLecturer #PPSCLecturerjobs2020 #PPSCLecturerJobs Today we are in PPSC test preparation for computer science and subject specialist session 19. In this session we will fundamental concepts of Computer Architecture and assembly programming language course outline specified in PPSC Lecturer computer science syllabus and GAT computer science syllabus.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Sciences Test Preparation Date and aspirants motivation

We are helping and providing guideline for PPSC test Preparation for subject of computer science lecturer and subject specialist test to be expected Mid of October 2020. Expected date of PPSC lecturer exams is 15th October 2020. Therefore it can be expected that the date of written exams for the post of lecturers 2020 would start from mid of October 2020. Today we will start from computer architecture and computer processors and then we will go forward to Assembly programming language and we’ll discuss internal architecture which memory addressing techniques will also be described. For complete PPSC Test Preparation for Computer science Lectures and Videos session, Here is link for playlist.


1. Arithmetic and Logic 2. Programme Control, Subroutines 3. Stack and its operation, Peripheral Control Interrupts. Objectives and Perspectives of Assembly Language, Addressing Modes, Introduction to the Assembler and Debugger, Manipulate and translate machine and assembly code. Interfacing with high level languages, Real-time application.

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