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PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Paper Questions | Preparation | Important Questions. #PPSC #PPSCLecture. Today we will discuss about the important topics from which questions can be set up for the PPSC lecturer Computer Sciences upcoming paper on 8th November 2020. You know that we have predicted tentative PPSC computer science lecturer preparations syllabus on the basis of EPS cpms gate subject computer science syllabus. And we have recorded all PPSC test preparation lectures videos and sessions for the subject of Computer Sciences.

All important subjects like Database Management System Operating System software engineering get 1 min occasion and network algorithms object oriented programming at 17 are discussed in detail with the help of videos. This is the last PPSC test preparation session for the subject of computer science lecturer jobs 2020 in which we will try to figure out the important areas and important type of questions that a candidate must be practiced and must know.

Author: Habibullah Qamar

Its me Habib Ullah Qamar working as a Lecturer (Computer Sciences) in Pakistan. I have an MS(M.Phil) degree in computer sciences with specialization in software engineering from Virtual University of Pakistan Lahore. I have an experience of more than 15 years in the filed of Computer Science as a teacher. Blog Writing is my passion. I have many blogs, This one is special made with the aim of providing 100% Free online coaching and training to the students of under-graduate and postgraduate classes. Most of the students enrolled in computer sciences, information technology, software engineering and related disciplines find it difficult to understand core concepts of programming and office automation. They find difficult in understanding and solving their assignments.