Operations Research Syllabus, Outline, Recommended books, Handouts and Video Lecture in Urdu Hindi

MTH601- Operations Research 1- Introduction and Process

Operations Research course is being taught in various undergraduate programs of public and private sectiors universities of Pakistan. This course is taught in Virtual University of Pakistan with course code MTH601 to BSCS, BSIT, BSSE, BBA, BSPA and other Bachelor degree courses. Here is all about this course with context to Pakistani Universities and Students like yllabus, Outline, Recommended books, Handouts and Video Lecture in Urdu Hindi. I have recorded its Video Lectures in URDU and Hindi easy language to help students of BSIT, BSCS, BSCS and BSSE of Virtual University of Pakistan and GCUF.

MTH601 Operations Research course overview

The course of operations research presents the rules and techniques that help decision makers in all type of industries using scientific and mathematical models. Operations research(MTH601) is the science of numerical models of used for efficient and most economical allocation of available resources. This area of subject use mathematical models like simplex method, linear programming model, dynamic programming and integer programming to solve complicated problems of planning, forecasting, scheduling and distribution.

Course Learning Outcomes( Objectives of OR)
By the end of the course, students should be able:

To formulate a decision-making problem and apply the method of depicting a series of decisions and outcomes by decision trees.To formulate the problems into mathematical model and apply the quantitative methods (graphical method and simplex method) for maximization and minimization problemsTo formulate the transportation and assignment problems and apply the transportation simplex and Hungarian methods.To define the concept of network analysis, develop the network diagram and perform network analysis.To identify different types of forecast, to measure forecast accuracy and apply time-series forecasting models

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This ebook Operations Research Simplified introduces various Operations Research Techniques and its applications in a simple way. Book has deliberately kept the mathematical level of this e-book low in order to make it more useful and appropriate for its readers. The text provides a large number of illustrative examples and practice problems.


Here are course content and syllabus for Operations Research being taught in most of universities. MTH601 VU and GCUF students may follow this course outline.

Introduction to operations research, History of operations research, Applications, Modeling the linear programming, Linear programming, Geometry, Solving the linear programming, Simplex method, Shadow price, Theory of the simplex method, Duality, Dual theory, Sensitivity analysis, Other algorithms for linear programming, The dual simple method, Big – M method, The tow phase method, The transportation and assignment problems, The transportation problem, A streamlined simplex method for transportation problem, The assignment problem, A special algorithm for the assignment problem, Dynamic programming, Characteristic of dynamic programming, Deterministic dynamic programming, Integer programming, Prototype examples, BIP applications and formulation examples, Some perspectives on solving integer programming problems, The branch-and-cut approach to solve BIP problems, The incorporation of constraint programming.

Reference and Recommended Books and Material:
1. Frederick S. Hiller, Gerald J. Lieberman, Introduction to Operations Research, 9th
Edition, English, McGraw-Hill, 2010. ( click to Download)
2. W. Winston, Operations Research, Duxbury Press. (click to Download)
3. Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms, Wayne L Winston, Indian
University, 4th edition, 2004

Operations Research Video Lecture in Urdu Hindi

Here is the video lecture recorded for online class of Operations Research. These videos are recorded in URDU and hindi language. You may watch this from YouTube Channel Operations Research’s Playlist.

MTH601 – OperationsResearch Introduction and OR Process for BSIT, BSCS BBA and BSSE classes – Lecture 1

MTH601 OperationsResearch Lecture 2 in Hindi Urdu History and Applications of OperationsResearch

In this video lecture of OperationsResearch, we will discuss about how World War II and history of OR is related. What are different applications of Operations in different business, Government and areas. What is OR? Operationsresearch (OR) is an analytical method of problem-solving and decision-making that is useful in the management of organizations. In operationsresearch, problems are broken down into basic components and then solved in defined steps by mathematical analysis. Following topics of OperationResearch: 1. History of Operation Research 2. Definitions of OperationResearch 3. Characteristics of Operation Research 4. Applications of Operation Research 5. Achievements of Operation Research

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