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The First and the foremost thing which we have to know is What is One Paper ? One paper is the combination of mcqs based questions gathered from different subjects with some specific distribution. One Paper Test consist of 100 mcqs sometimes 200 mcqs gathered from different subjects and books to check the credibility of a candidate that how much an aspirant is competent for the job. I think the One Paper Test or One paper Mcqs Preparation is quite more difficult then the other subjective type papers because in subjective paper your knowledge your concepts your writing skills will helps you as much as they can Even In the Subjective Examination you are able to write some words on a topic which you don’t know but in one paper test if you didn’t Know the answer the Game Over right there. Now the Main and most important question is How to Prepare PPSC One Paper Exam ? Now the answer is for one paper mcqs preparation first you have cover the one paper syllabus for one paper exam from one paper mcqs book book pdf for the recruitment of on paper jobs. Moreover One Paper Syllabus is given below is also valid for Fpsc One Paper Syllabus and PPSC One Paper Syllabus. If you cover this one paper syllabus which is given below it means you have also covered the FPSC One Paper Syllabus as well as PPSC One Paper Syllabus. There are so many one paper preparation academy in Lahore but no any authentic one paper preparation online academy. If you want to start One Paper mcqs Preparation online then you are at right place. After the Successful completion of PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Preparation with 15 Written Cleared Candidates Now we are going to start the One Paper MCQs Preparation in which we will cover the whole One Paper Syllabus for the preparation of One Paper which is also given below. Form this platform you will also get more then 50000+ mcqs of different subjects for the preparation of One Paper Jobs which are gathered from different One Paper Mcqs Book Pdf and other authentic sources. Moreover the One Paper Mcqs Preparation with Subject wise One Paper Mcqs / PPSC Past Papers pdf and other preparation materials and placed below.

There are two ways of One Paper Jobs Test Preparations which most of the Aspirants usually adopts to cover the syllabus of PPSC One Paper Jobs Test Preparation and FPSC One Paper Jobs Test Preparation.

1. Directly starts from the Past Papers and other PPSC Related Past Papers Material

(Wrong Way)

2.Open the Syllabus Choose a Subject and open its topic and then start preparation of one topic. Similarly after Completion of one Subject Take the other subject and then cover all subjects. In this way you can make your self well prepared for the Constable Jobs Punjab Police Written Test 2022.

(Correct Way)

Subjects in the Punjab Police Constable Syllabus Pdf

  1. General Knowledge (GK) Subject
    • All Information about World Geography
    • All Information about World Maps
    • All Oceans
    • ALL Seas
    • Rivers Mainly the Rivers of Pakistan
    • Deserts Main Deserts of Pakistan
    • Main Ports of Pakistan … All Important and Big Ports of the World
    • Currencies and Capitals of Big and Wealthy Countries
    • All Continents of the World
    • Famous Intelligence Agencies of all countries
    • All Airports Mainly the Airports of Europe and Pakistan with their Particular Names and the Cities where these airports are situated
    • Building , Forts Museums Specially the old Buildings Forts and Museums of Sub-Continent and Europe
    • United Nations and all the agencies related to United Nations
    • International Agencies and Treaties
    • National and International Personalities (Date of Birth / Death /Qualification etc)
    • Famous Book and Famous Cities with their old names
  1. Pakistan Studies / Pakistan Affairs Subject
    • History of Subcontinent from 1707 to 1857 .
    • History Of Subcontinent from 1857 to 1947.
    • History of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022.
    • All Information about Pakistan Map.

Punjab Police Constable Jobs 2022 Subject wise MCQ’s

English Subject MCQs Computer Subject Mcqs
Ismiyat Subject Mcqs in Urdu Islamiat Subject Mcqs in English
Verbal Reasoning Mcqs Quantitative Reasoning Mcqs
Physics Mcqs Chemistry Subject Mcqs
Biology Subject Mcqs Pakistan Studies Mcqs
Mathematics Subject Mcqs General Knowledge Topic wise Mcqs
PPSC Past Papers 2022 Pdf Download | PPSC Mcqs 2022
  1. General Science / Everyday Science Subject
    • Galaxies
    • Solar System
    • Diseases and the symptoms
    • Abbreviations of Major Terms
    • Measuring Tools
    • Environmental Issues and their Effects of Earth
  2. Islamic Studies Subject
    • Prophets of Allah
    • Wars of Islam before and after the concurrence of Makkah.
    • Quran and its Ayat and the sequence of Quran and Its Ayaat
    • Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and their Titles
    • A Brief History of Islam before and After the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  3. Current Affairs Subject
    • National Issues from 2018 to 2022.
    • International Issues from 2018 to 2022.
  4. Mathematics Subject
    • Basic Arithmetic questions and Concepts
    • Series Questions
    • Average Questions
    • Ration and Properties Questions
    • Geometry related Questions
    • Findings of Profit / Loss / Cost Price / Sale Price
    • Time & Work Related Questions
    • Age Related Problems
    • Solution of Equations
    • Square root related questions
    • Analytical Reasoning Questions
    • Verbal Reasoning Questions
  5. English Subject
    • Tenses
    • Corrections of Sentences and Tenses
    • Prepositions
    • Punctuations
    • Synonyms
    • Antonyms
    • Vocabulary
    • Parts of Speeches
    • Idioms
  6. Computer Science Subject
    • Basic Microsoft Office Knowledge
    • Basic Computer Terminologies and Abbreviations
    • Shortcut Keys used in MS Office and Computer
    • Inventions and Generations of Computer
    • Input and Output devices of Computer

Author: A.J. Bhatti