List of Easy CS619 Final Project for Fall 2021 Virtual University

CS619 Final Project - List of Easy Projects for Spring 2021 - Spfall 2021 cs619 list issued - how to select

Here is the list of easy cs619 projects that have been concluded from the list of cs619 final year projects issued by the Virtual University of Pakistan for the fall 2021 semester.
This list of easy cs619 e final projects is being made carefully with the study of all project lists. We have selected different categories of CS 619 final projects in this list of easy projects. Students can see these projects and can find the list and can read the functional requirements of each CS 619 final project in the list issued by the Virtual University of Pakistan for the semester of 2021.

The Virtual University of Pakistan has announced the list of CS619 final projects for the semester of fall 2021. This list contains many final year projects that can be selected by the students of the cs619 Final year project course. These projects are of different types for example Android mobile applications, android mobile applications related to Google Map API, web applications using PHP and python, desktop applications with Python programming language, and Visual Studio.

The student will have to select their CS619 final Final year project on the specific date and time that will be announced by the University later.

List of Easy CS619 Final Project for Fall 2021 Virtual University

  • Android App for Location Based Services (Map)
  • Android Car Buy & Sell App (database )
  • Android Based Tourist Guide (Database)
  • BluetoothChat Mobile App. (Easyiest)
  • ePharmacy (databse order taking)
  • File Tracker
  • Gym Buddy
  • Health Monitoring Mobile App for Patients
  • Mobile Application for Marriage Hall Booking
  • Patient Care(easy)
  • Rent a Car Mobile App
  • Postal System (PS) easy desktop
  • Voting System via Fingerprint (device desktop application)
  • ONLINE CAR POOLING SYSTEM (web applicaiton)
  • Bike and Bikes(Web)
  • Calories Calculator (python desktop easy)
  • Chop Chop (barbaer booking appointment)
  • COVID-19 MIS System
  • Designing and Developing an Online College Management Web Portal (web)
  • Easy Buy and Sale
  • Electricians for Home Services (easy)
  • E-Medical Record
  • Fabrics Emporium-Online
  • Find a Physiotherapist
  • online blood donation system
  • online car accessories shop
  • online children vaccination system
  • online college examinitin system
  • Online movie ticking booking app
  • Online used card sales system
  • Book recomender system
  • Online food ordering system
  • Online scholarship mangement
  • PDF to Audio (good Project and easy one)
  • Student Registration

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