Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications

The name MS Office, or Microsoft Office, indicates that it is used for office work. This is a complete package that includes many programs.

  1. Microsoft Word
    It is used for documentation. Apart from reports, notes, etc., it is also used for the preparation of books.
  2. Power point
    It is used to create presentations. Now each sector has its own mood. As a teacher prepares and presents various points of the lesson, the business people will present the features of their products.
  3. Excel
    It is used to prepare calculations, statistics, results, etc.
  4. Access
    It is used to store databases. For example, students, employee records, etc.
  5. Publisher
    This is for content that is intended to be published later. In addition to producing pamphlets, brochures, etc., magazines, journals, advertisements, etc. can be made. Although it can’t be done like Urdu advertisements, there is still a lot to be done.
  6. One note
    It’s like Notepad. In it you can save text. Which can later be used for any purpose
  7. Outlook
    It sends emails.
    Hotmail, Live, Outlook
    All three email services are owned by Microsoft. You can send emails to your users by logging in with them.
    It is best used in business. And there are some softwares that are worth mentioning, because we don’t use them.

Author: Habibullah Qamar

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