html5 Canvas line width and color

HTML5 canvas line width and color and how to set html5 canvas line width and color will be explained in this tutorial. HTML5 Canvas line has two important attribute width and color.In this tutorial we will explore how to set html5 canvas line width and color attributes.

HTML5 Canvas line color attribute takes values in three ways

1. value as a string

HTML5 Canvas color value can be given as string for example ‘red’ ,’blue’, ‘green’
code for setting color of html5 canvas line ,setting color value as string will be as follows:


2. html5 canvas line color value as hexadecimal

Value html5 Canvas line color can be set as hexadecimal value for example #ff0000 represent red .This value is set by seven character.
First character# represent color in hexa with six other characters.After # first two digits indicates the value of red .This value can vary from 00 to ff.In decimal system 00 is eqaul to 0 and ff equal to 255.
The next two digits ,middle digits, represent the value of color green.Green can also tool hexa value 00 to ff.
Last two digits represent the value of blue color.Blue color value can vary from 00 to ff.
In other words every color component can take one value from 256 available values.With these three componenents you can make million of combination of colors.Important color values in hexadecimal are given by.

Red ='#ff0000'
Green ='#00ff00'
Blue = '#0000ff'
Magenta ='#ff00ff'
Cyan ='#00ff00'
White ='#ffffff'
Black ='#000000'
Grey ='#888888' 

3. html5 canvas line Color value as RGB

we can set value of three basic colors red,>code>green,blue
by giving values from 0 to 255 to each color
the code for the RGB value of color will be

context.strokeStyle =rgb(255,0,0);

HTML5 Canvas line width

Canvas context has a property of lineWidth which can be used to set the width of HTML5 Canvas line.The property of lineWidth must be set before callingstroke() method.
we set the value of lineWidth attributes of html5 canvas line in pixel.
General code for the setting line width is

context.lineWidth = value in pixels

for example if we want to set line width 15 pixels we will write the code

context.lineWidth= 15;

HTML5 Canvas line width and Color exmple with complete code

<!DOCTYPE html >
            setting Color and width of line of html5 canvas
    <body >
        <canvas id="myCanvas" width="600" height="400" style="border: 1px            solid #0000ff;" > 
            var canvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas');
            var context = canvas.getContext('2d');

                context.moveTo(50, 50);
                context.lineTo(450, 350);
            // set line width
                context.lineWidth = 15;
            //set line color
            context.strokeStyle ='#ff0000';


save the above file with name
and see the result in browsers.


HTML5canvas line width and color live demo on pencode


[codepen_embed height=400 theme_id=1 slug_hash=’jEmgyj’ user=’aslamwaqar’ default_tab=’html’ animations=’run’]


HTML5 canvas tutorial examples live demo on code pen


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