How to write Essay in CSS | Guideline for Essay Writing in CSS Preparations

how to wirte essay in css preparation

How to write Essay in CSS exam. Here are few valued and top Guideline for Essay Writing in CSS Preparations. In our previous published article about CSS preparation for working professional, we discussed about CSS and its preparation. Today another important question is to answer “How to write Essay in CSS Preparations. Essay writing in CSS is the most important and crucial paper in CSS. Failure rate in essay is 97% that speaks volume of its importance. Students adopt poor techniques, take it easy and don’t practice as the paper requires. It has been seen aspirants spend months on a single subject where they have 7 questions and have to answer only 4. In other papers, you have the advantage of compensating for any bad question in the next question. But in essay, you got only one question. And mistakes mean failure.

In essay, you cannot afford to make mistakes. You have got to be really prepared for it. From topic selection to making outline, writing introduction, structuring your paragraphs and reaching to the conclusion- every stage must be handled carefully. Many students get 38,39 marks and we should think why it happens. They might have made some mistakes in the conclusion or anywhere else. Aspirants should practice for 5-6 months in order to bring maturity in their essay and paragraphs.

If you believe you can pass essay by reading books on essay writing, you are mistaken. Essay requires practice. It demands error-free English, correct sentences, good use of vocabulary and short sentences. I believe use of simple an sophisticated words is thousand times better than stuffing your sentences with heavy vocabulary that is often used in wrong contexts. So try to write simple English and an essay that speaks on your behalf.

How to Selection TOPIC for CSS Essay

Choosing the essay topic is like choosing your spouse. If you make a mistake in the either case, you will regret it. Your spouse and essay will remain with you, whether you pass it or fail. That should clear how important topic selection for essay is.
Consider the following things when you choose the topic.• Always choose a topic that you have already practiced.

  • Never jump to any topic. Read all the ten topics with great care.
  • Understand the statements. Read between the lines. Spend ten minutes on topic selection.
  • Avoid literary essays where you will run out of arguments.
  • Choose simple, augmentative, cause-effect based essays that you can write on.
  • Don’t panic if you see all topic are new to you.
  • Many students leave easy topic because they believe everyone will be doing the same topic. It should not be your concern. Always do the topic that you have content about and practiced during your preparation.
  • Reasons of Failure is Essay
  • Wrong essay standard, patterns. CSS Essay is very different than the modern or current essays people write. It is the traditional-style essay we are taught in schools and colleges.
  • Psychological reasons- fear, stress, false assumptions.
  • No writing practice
  • Your thoughts are not mature in the essay. Selection of wrong topic.
  • No clarity of thoughts
  • Most importantly- essay is taught and not practiced which is the reason of failure as well. Students get coaching and help but don’t write as essay demands.

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