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Google Meet which is also known as google hangouts used for various purposes like screen sharing, chats, video conferencing and audio calling.

Google Meet / Google Hangouts Will be Free Soon

The manufacturer or vandors of google hangouts /googlemeet announced that the premium features of google hangouts/ googlemeet will be free soon . This step to free these features is really appreciateable now people or everyone can easily use the premium features of google hangouts as well as googlemeet. Now the Question is What are the main features or premium features offered my Google Meet / Google hangouts

The list of Google Meet / Google Hangouts Features

  1. google hangouts chat : It will allows you to chat with your friends , and anybody which you want to chat with.
  2. google hangouts conference call : This feature will allows you to do conference call or group calls with your group or conference members for unlimited duration. However Google hangouts video call is similliar or like the video calls or meeting on Zoom app. You can use Google meet free version in the form of googlehangouts for video conferencing
  3. google hangouts on phone: There is no need to download google hangouts or google meet on your smart phone or cell if your smartphone is link or supported with google then it will already installed in your phone.
  4. google hangouts ipad : There is same version of googlehangouts/google meet on Ipad as well as it is same google hangouts on ipad or ipod.

Why GoogleHangouts / GoogleMeet Is best alternative to Zoom

The multinational firms are now doing their work by engaging their employees virtually with the help of video conferences and Meetings.They called these meetings and video conferencing with the help of those five most popular meeting apps which we discussed in our previous article.A huge number of users are now using these meetings apps in which the ZOOM app is the most popular.Zoom also Faces Security concerns as zoom app is banned by many countries due to security concerns now people are migrating from zoom and looking for the best zoom alternatives. Don’t worry if you are using zoom then How to Use GoogleHangouts-A best Zoom meetings Alternative is your best solution.

When any app or software or even web forum faces a heavy traffic almost double of the traffic for which these apps are designed to face then the performance of the particular app goes Down.

ZOOM Faces Heavy Traffic !!!

Q:What are the best alternative of Zoom Mettings

A:Googlehangouts and Microsoft Meetings are the best zoom meeting alternatives.

How to Use Hangouts |Step 1

Write hangouts on the Search bar

Click the First option to open the googleHangouts

Similarly after clicking on the First link GoogleHangouts will starts and links itself to your google account which you have already given to the chrome

Figure 1.1|How to use Google Hangouts
Figure 1.1|How to use GoogleHangouts

Similarly your GoogleHangouts will starts

as shown in the figure below

How to Use Google Hangouts|Figure 1.2
How to Use GoogleHangouts|Figure 1.2

Moreover now you are able to start chat ,call with any one in your contacts

this chat is individual chat

as shown in the figure

Figure 1.3 |How to use Google Hangouts
Figure 1.3 |How to Use GoogleHangouts-A best Zoom meetings Alternative

Similarly if you want to do conferance call or group meeting call then what you have to do is to make the group first.

Moreover the Particular Group consist of the members of meeting contacts

as shown in the figure below

Figure 1.4|How to use Google Hangouts
Figure 1.4|How to Use GoogleHangouts-A best Zoom meetings Alternative

Similarly Now you are done with your groups

moreover if you want to call a meeting then what you have to do is to open the specific group and click on video call button.

If you didn’t understand any thing then Watch the detailed tutorial video Embedded Below

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