Virtual University Admissions | MSCS Entry Test – Fall 2020

MSCS Admission entry Test VU

Virtual University Admissions | MSCS Entry Test – Fall 2020 | Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science is a research based degree program being offered by Virtual university of Pakistan in all its Department of Computer Science at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Sialkot. How to prepare for admission Entry Test for MSCS program is big question for all students who are interested in admission. VU conducted a GAT General Admission Entry Test for admission in its MSCS Program. This article will let you know how one can prepare MSCS admission Entry Test for all universities and especially for Virtual university of Pakistan.

Introduction of MSCS Degree Program of VU

The program is designed to produce academicians and professionals of high quality throughout the country. Course work designed for MS in Computer Science provides a breadth based knowledge of the field whereas the specialization equips the students with in-depth knowledge of a specific area of computer science. Admission is offered during fall session every year. It is a two-year duration program spread over four semesters. Each semester has 18 weeks duration.

MSCS Admission Eligibility Requirements

  • 16-year education i.e., BS in Computer Science/ BS in Information Technology / Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) / Master of Computer Science / Master of Information Technology / M.Sc. (Computer Science) from a recognized University / Institute. The candidate must have at least CGPA 2.50 out of 4 or first division wherein GPA system is not implemented.
  • Virtual University of Pakistan conducts an Entry Test for admission in MSCS Degree program in every Fall semester. Each candidate is required to pass the VU MSCS Admission Entry Test with minimum 50% marks.

Note: Limited seats are available on merit basis.

MSCS Admission Merit Calculation

  • Matric  = 10%
  • Intermediate = 15%
  • Bachelor (4years) / Masters = 35%
  • MSCS Admission Entry Test = 40%
  • For Further Information regarding MSCS study Scheme, Fee Sturucture, award of degree and course assessment, please visit

How to Prepare for MSCS Admission Entry Test

Entry test consists of three type of skills like GAT General Test (Subject) English, Mathematics and Computer Science. Virtual University has designed its own test contents and weight-age scheme as per Higher Education Commission guidelines.

MSCS Entery Test Suject wise Weightage

Section No.         Section Title                       Weight

  1. English              25%
  2. Mathematics    25%
  3. Computer Science 50%

MSCS Admission Entry Test Syllabus

Analytical Ability part include a) Logical Reasoning (5%) and  b) Analytical Reasoning (5%), Verbal Ability part of the Entry test includes a) Sentence Completion (Grammar) (5%) and b) Analogy (5%) and c) Antonyms (5%).  Sample Practice and question

Section I – English Entry Test Sample Questions

Question: A meadow in springtime is beautiful, even if no one is there to appreciate it. The statement above would be logical rebuttal to which of the following claims?

  1. People will see only what they want to see
  2. Beauty is only skin deep
  3. There’s no accounting for taste
  4. Beauty exists only in the eye of the beholder
  5. The greatest pleasure available to mankind is the contemplation of beauty

Answer: d

Question : A map representing countries R, S, W, X, Y and Z is to be drawn. Adjacent countries cannot have the same color in the map. The countries adjacent to each other are as follows:

  1. Each of R, S, X and Y is adjacent to W.
  2. X is adjacent to Y.
  3. Each of R and S is adjacent to Z.

For more practice and questions visit

VERBAL Section Sample Questions

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word, from the given lettered choices (A to D/E) below each.

1. Despite the _____ of the materials with which Tahira had worked, many of her glass masterpieces have survived for more than seventy years.


2. Although similar to mice in many physical characteristics, voles may be _______ mice by the shortness of their tails.

distinguished from
classified with
related to
categorized as
enumerated with

3. Hamid viewed Maria to be _____; she seemed to be against any position regardless of its merits.


Second II Mathematics part

Syllabus: Each of the following topics contributes 2% to 3% towards the overall 25%.

  • Exponents and Roots § Arithmetic § Inequalities § Fractions and Decimals § Percent’s § Ratios and Proportions § Polynomials § Solving Equations and Inequalities § Lines and Angles, rectangle, Triangles, square, Quadrilateral and other Polygons, Circles § Solving Equations and Inequalities § Averages, permutation, Combination, Probability.

MSCS Admission Entry Test Mathematics Questions

How to prepare for VU MSCS Admisstion Entry Test

Section No. III – Computer Science Syllabus

  • Introduction to Programming (5%) § Object Oriented Programming (5%) § Data Structures (5%) § Fundamentals of Algorithms (5%) § Operating Systems (5%) § Digital Logical Design (5%) § Database Management Systems (5%) § Software Engineering (5%) § Data Communication (5%) § Theory of Automata (5%)
Question: 6   A computer derives its basic strength from


  1. speed
  2. accuracy
  3. memory
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above
Question: 7   Modern computers compared to earlier computers are


  1. faster and larger
  2. less reliable
  3. larger and stronger
  4. slower but more reliable
  5. faster and smaller
Question: 8   The use of computer for business applications is attractive because of its


  1. accuracy
  2. reliability
  3. speed
  4. secret code facility
  5. all of the above
Question: 9   A computer is capable of performing almost any task provided, that it can be


  1. coded
  2. memorised
  3. analysed
  4. reduced to a series of logical steps
  5. changed top mathematic equation
Question: 10   ABIT represents a


  1. decimal digit
  2. octal digit
  3. binary digit
  4. hexa decimal digit
  5. none

MSCS Admission TEST Sample Questions and Useful Links


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