How To Enable Voice Typing in MS Word 365 on PC in Windows 10

How To Enable Voice Typing in MS Word in Windows 10 No Download

Google voice typing tool is widely used to type any language Around The World using speech recognition tool in Microsoft Word and other office applications including online and offline version. Today we are going to learn a new feature presented by Microsoft in office 365. Office 365 can be used in your local PC and can also be used online if you have a Microsoft account. Microsoft Word 365 in my PC, without installing anything and Google Void Typing, In Home Tab(ribbon) you will see a new category name Voice and under that Dictate. This is new way to Enable Voice Typing in MS Word in Windows 10 without downloading any software and without use of Google Voice typing.

Enable Voice Typing in MS Word
Enable Voice and under that Dictate.

Previously we have to use “Speech recognition” and “Start speech recognition” option in control panel to enable voice typing in MS Word and and Office 2013 or higher. If you have older version of MS Office and MS Word, 2013 or higher but not Office 365, Then you must use either Google Voice Typing option in MS WORD using Google DOCS and DICTATION.IO.

Google Voice Typing URDU in MS WORD Google DOCS and DICTATION IO

The other method is to Follow the on-screen instructions to set up this facility. Once the setup is done, you can start type by your voice and also make voice commands for your computer. Here are the list of question that are explained in this video tutorial.

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