How to create website in WordPress – Domain Name Registration, Cpanel and WordPress pages

how to create website in wordpress - domain name registration

This is our series of videos about how to create website in WordPress. So far we have learned What is WordPress and How to install WordPress in cPanel. In today’s video I will demonstrate how to register  a domain name with a domain name registrant. Before we start registering domain name with go-daddy or iPage, Let learn what is domain name?

What is web history

The invention of the Web brought an extraordinary expansion of digital services to millions of amateur computer users, including color text and pages, formatted text, pictures, animations, video, and sound. In short, the Web makes nearly all the rich elements of human expression needed to establish a commercial marketplace available to nontechnical computer users worldwide. Web was not invented until 1989,1991 by Dr. Tim Berners-Lee of the European Particle Physics Laboratory, better known as CERN (Berners-Lee et al., 1994). ¢Several earlier authors—such as Vannevar Bush (in 1945) and Ted Nelson (in the 1960s)—had suggested the possibility of organizing knowledge as a set of interconnected pages that users could freely browse (Bush, 1945; Ziff Davis Publishing, 1998).

What is domain Name?

A domain name, in simple words, is the name of your website to which you are planning to create. For example, Our website is is the name of website, is actually your domain name. Domain name must be unique across the world.

This easy Video #Tutorial for WordPress Page Creation.It starts with very basic step in Web Development, How to register Domain Name, What is Domain name and how it can be registered with different Domain Name Registrar like godaddy, NameCheap etc.

This video is made in Urdu/Hindi. for bigenners to grasp how they can start developing website using WordPress.

How create pages in WordPress Site, How to register domain name  and many other WordPress concepts are discussed.

  • Domain name : IP address expressed in natural language.
  • Domain name system (DNS) system for expressing numeric IP addresses in natural language.
  • Uniform resource Locator (URL)the address used by a Web browser to identify the location of content on the Web

Domain Name Registration, Cpanel and WordPress pages

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