How to create a menu on WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a menu in WordPress. We will cover each and every step and create a demo menu so that you will understand it better.

How to Create menu in word press step by step

1: Install WordPress on your domain

2: Go to your Website Dashboard

3: Click on Appearance in Dashboard

4: Click on Menus

How to create menu in WordPress
How to create menu in WordPress

Similarly the Menus portal will be open on your screen

5: However Click on Create new menu

WordPress Menus
WordPress Menus

7: Similarly here you have to write the name of your menu this could be any name

8: Now Click on Create Menu Button

So your menu is created

However what you have to do is to add items to your menu

My First Menu

9: There are different types of items which you are able to add in your menu

you can see these categories in the left bar

categories to add in your menu
categories to add in your menu

10: However click on the item’s Category which you want to enter in your menu

11: Now Select the items which you want to Select by Clicking on the Check box associated with that item

12: Click on the Add to Menu Button to continue

Selecting the items

13: In this step you will control the presentation of each item in the menu and make it sub item of an item

14: You can drag any item slightly right and drop it so that it will become sub item

Making subitems

15: However now you have to set the location of your menu where you want to display it

if you want to display it as a main menu of your site then click on Primary menu

if you want to show it in any other widget then click on secondary menu

Managing Location of the menu

Click on the Save Menu to save your menu and display on your site as a primary menu

Click on Save Menu Button

Congratulations !!! You have done with your WordPress site menu

Author: A.J. Bhatti