Hexadecimal to Binary Direct conversion | No Division or Multiplication | Direct Method

Hexadecimal Number to Binary Direct Conversion-

Hexadecimal number system is important for the students of of Computer Sciences information technology and software engineering. There are two reasons why hexadecimal number system is being used in computing and digital systems. Hexadecimal number system can be converted to equivalent binary number system directly. each hexadecimal number can be represented with 4 bit binary number system. Each 4 bit binary number can be converted back to hexadecimal number using direct method and shortcut method.

There is no need traditional repeated division method and multiplication method to convert hexadecimal number to binary number system. The indirect method states that first of all hexadecimal number system is converted into decimal number system and then the decimal number system is converted into binary number system. The same three steps in indirect method of conversion from the decimal to binary number system and binary to hexadecimal number system is repeatedly. E this video lecture is about how has the decimal number can be converted into binary number system and binary number system can be converted into hexadecimal number system using direct method.

As stated above 4 bit binary number can represent and hexadecimal number and hexadecimal number can also be represented with 4 bit binary number. A student will have to learn a table or will have to know the position values of A and B number system which is fully demonstrated in this video how a student and a learner can directly convert and hexadecimal number into binary number using this tabular form and positional value rule which is the shortcut and direct method.

Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion Shortcut Direct Method Hindi / Urdu | CS302 Short Lectures

This video is also helpful for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan for their course CS302 digital logic and design. Normally first assignment of CS302 is made on number system and conversions of hexadecimal number system into binary number system and binary number system into hexadecimal number system hexadecimal number system into decimal number decimal number system back into hexadecimal number system.
It would help CS302 2 assignment 1 solution guideline.

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