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cs702 algorithms analysis

CS702 – Advanced Algorithms analysis and design is the core subject offered in MSCS program of Virtual university of Pakistan. theITeducaion.com will provide you all material related to CS702 analysis of algorithm course including, overview, contents, books, solution manuals to book , solved midterm final term past papers, assignments related videos and exam related videos. Bookmark this page if you are student of this course.

Course overview-CS702 

This course is a compulsory course of MSCS study scheme. HEC has declared it a core subject. It is about the applied mathematical analyis concepts like aympotatic notation and mathematical analysis time bounds of an algorithms. . Many students consider it very tough for their MSCS study scheme. I agree that this is tough in one sense that most of the students don’t care about its pre-requisite courses while in their undergraduate study. Strong mathematical tricks are basis for this course especially , Set Theory, Algebra, Combinations, Permutation, Mathematical Induction etc.  It has been studied throughout the world at MS and M.Phil level. In Virtual university of Pakistan this course is taught by our respected teacher Dr. N. A. Zafar Ph.D Computer Science Kyushu University, Japan. He is the best teacher of CS702 in Pakistan.

CS702 Course contents for VU-MSCS

Introduction, Underlying mathematical theory, Induction and recursion techniques in analyzing algorithms, Asymptotic notations, Search techniques, Divide-and conquer technique, Randomized algorithms, Heuristic algorithms, Brute Force approach, Backtracking, branch-and-bound, Optimization techniques in algorithms designing, Dynamic algorithms, Greedy algorithms, Graph Theory, Searching algorithms, Minimal spanning tree algorithms, Polynomials and FFT, Number theoretic notations, Number theoretic algorithms, RSA cryptosystems, String matching, pattern matching, NP completeness and NP completeness proofs.
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Recommended books

  • Book Title:

    Introduction to Algorithms


    Cormen et al. (2001)


    T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson and R. L. Rivest


    2nd Edition




    MIT Press and McGraw-Hill 

    cs702 recommended book Introduction to algorithms by Cormen
    cs702 recommended book Introduction to algorithms by Cormen

Term/Academic paper rules and regulations

No term/academic papers is for this course as per new study scheme of MSCS Program announced by CS702 Instructor of VU. It may change time to time. Although a research presentation of 5% weightage will be announced after mid term exam on announced topics.

CS702 Academic and Research presentation Topics

Analysis of algorithms
Ant colony algorithm
Approximation algorithm
Best and worst cases
Big O notation
Combinatorial search
Competitive analysis
Computability theory
Computational complexity theory
Embarrassingly parallel problem
Emergent algorithm
Evolutionary algorithm
Fast Fourier transform
Genetic algorithm
Graph exploration algorithm
Hill climbing
Las Vegas algorithm
Lock-free and wait-free algorithms
Monte Carlo algorithm
Numerical analysis
Online algorithm
Polynomial time approximation scheme
Problem size
Pseudorandom number generator
Quantum algorithm
Random-restart hill climbing
Randomized algorithm
Running time
Sorting algorithm
Search algorithm
Stable algorithm (disambiguation)
Super-recursive algorithm
Tree search algorithm

CS702 Handouts

Virtual university provide best reading and allied material for all its courses. You may download all related material for CS702 from your LMS under download section. Secondly you may visit VU Content Library website to download related and allied CS702 materials Like cs702 slides, book links and needy software. Here are direct links

Download CS702 handouts, slides and other related materials

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CS702 Past Midterm and Final Papers

These papers can only be used to guess how cs702 paper can be set by the cs702 instructor. Cs702 mid term and final term paper pattern and past questions. follow the video guideline. 

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CS702 Mid Term Exam Preparation Video 

CS702 Midterm Exam Preparation

CS702 Final Term Exam Preparation

CS702 final term exam preparation

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