CS619 Final VIVA Preparation 2020

cs619 final viva preparation - Spring 2020 Fall 2020 - VU

CS619 Final VIVA Important Questions to prepare | CS619 Final Project VU. This is video session for #CS619 Final VIVA Project Preparation with a student. The project discussed is leave management systems for Students of #VU #VirtualUniversity #spring2020 #Fall2020 Cs619 final Viva is conducted as the last activity of Final year project for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan. There are two parts of Cs619 final Project and final year project viva preparation that a student must be prepared. You may watch my YouTube Channel ” theITeducation.com” for more videos for cs619 Final Project training.

CS619 VIVA Preparation How to Start

Student is asked to to present it is final project presentation including all types of background has made in design document and he is asked to explain all the slides of cs619 Viva presentation one by one. Cs619 final presentation must include the introduction of your project, use case diagram of your project, entity relationship diagram of your project, class diagram of final project, database diagram of final project, architectural diagram of final project, sequence diagrams of Final year project and user interface diagrams. Cs619 final project supervisor can ask any question about the above stated diagrams and the particulars of diagrams during the presentation of cs6 19 final Viva.

CS619 Final VIVA | How to Preparation

Hence for the preparation of cs6 19 Final year project Viva for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan this video will be helpful in which I will explain about all these diagrams and the important questions that would be asked about their final year projects during the Viva. Following important parts of CS619 Final Project Presentation are discussed in this session.

  • What is Project Introduction?
  • What is Sequence diagrams and what are important question regarding Final VIVA Preparation?
  • What is Class diagram and cs619 Final viva important Questions?
  • What is Entity Relationship diagram with all possible VIVA Question that might be asked by Instructor?
  • What is Architectural Diagram and VIVA questions about its layers.

CS619 Pre Final VIVA – What is Pre Final VIVA- What Question might be asked

This is video session for #CS619 PRE Final VIVA Project Preparation with a student. The PRE Final viva is also called Coding project discussed is leave management systems for Students of #VU #VirtualUniversity

CS619 Final Project VIVA Preparation Session Important Questions Must watch

CS619 Final Project VIVA Important Questions to prepare | CS619 Final Project VU

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