CS619 Final Project Selection Guideline for Spring 2021 | How to select Easy cs619 Final Project

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CS619 Final Project Selection Guideline for Spring 2021 – How to select Easy cs619 final project. We will learn about cs619 final project selection for upcoming spring 2021 for the students of Virtual University of Pakistan. Cs619 final project courses offered in 3rd semester of mcs MIT and MIS, while it is offered in 7th semester of BSCS, BSIT and BSSE. Virtual University has laid down a criteria for the selection of of CS619 final project. These prerequisites for Final year project selection is as under:

1. CGPA must be greater than or equal to 1.75

2. In case of MCS and MIT student must have passed 30 credit hours

3. In case of BSCS, BSIT and BSSE, student must have passed 90 credit hour courses

CS6 19 Final year project can be completed in minimum two semesters. List of CS 619 final project consisting of of more than hundred projects is shared with the students. Students will have been given a time of two days before start the the selection of CS619 final project. Once the date of selection of CS 619 final project has been announced student will have to login into their VULMS to select the project. Student can select the project in a group of maximum to students. First of all each student will have to select the same project and after completion of CS 619 final project selection the students can be offered to make their Final year project group. In this video guideline for CS619 selection.

I will guide you how to select easy CS619 final projects. List of final projects all types of projects are included by different supervisors that can be built in 2 different Technologies.

  • Database projects
  • desktop applications
  • PHP web based applications
  • android application
  • python desktop applications
  • MATLAB applications

with some research type projects are included in the CS619 final project list. This video online lecture will provide you complete guideline about the selection of Final year project show that the selection process can be e-mail by the students who already have no experience of software development and have minimum programming skills to decide about their CS 619 final project.

Here is the complete procedure about How to select CS619 Final Project

  • 1. A List will be issued
  • 2. Student will be given a time of 2-3 days before selection start so that they can read the list and can make their choices.
  • 3. A date of selection will be announced
  • 4. On day of selection a project can be selected on earliest as 25-100 students can enroll in a FYP
  • 5. After selection, change mind, Can drop or select other
  • 6. Can create groups with others (2 Student group)

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