CS302 Assignment 1 Solution spring 2021 – guideline

CS302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 | 100% correct Guideline to Make own solution

CS302 Assignment 1 Solution spring 2021 – guideline. In this video. CS302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 | 100% correct Guideline to Make own solution. CS302 Assignment No 1 Solution Spring 2021 || Habib Ullah Qamar || DLD cs302 Solved Assignment 1.

Digital Logic Design (CS302) Assignment # 01 Spring 2021  Total marks = 20                                                                                 Deadline 24th of May, 2021

You are required to perform stated operations. You must consider the stated bases or number system for your final answer.

You can use indirect conversion or repeated division methods only. Your solution must have to list down all the steps of calculations and conversions involved. In the case of direct results, major marks will be deducted.

Question No 02                                                                                                          Marks (14)

Perform the following conversions:

  1. -831.696972
  2. 0.831696972 x 10 -3

The stated number is represented as a negative decimal number, you are required to represent it as a Binary Floating-Point Number having 1 Sign bit, 8-bit Exponent, and 23 bits Mantissa.

  1. 01100000  110001100100101011000001001100  
  • (0     10000111    11111111010100010101011)2

The given number is represented as Binary Floating-Point Number (1 bit Sign, 8-Bits Exponent & 23-Bit Mantissa), Convert it back to Decimal Number.

+   135

0. 8366251 x 10 135

8.36 10 ^ 134

CS302 Assignment 1 Solution 2021 | 100% correct Guideline to Make own solution

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