Constitution of Pakistan 1973 lecture 2

Constitution of Pakistan 1973 Lecture 2

As Pakistan got independence from British and Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah wants to get rid from all the things which was introduced by the British in the subcontinent. When Pakistan came into being Muhammad Ali Jinnah to accept last viceroy as a Governor general of Pakistan. British India was introduced many rules which are against the emotions, culture and religion of the people of the subcontinent. Moreover these rules are specifically main reason which forced East India company to leave subcontinent. As for constitution is concerned Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan did not want to implement the constitution of 1935 made by British .

Mohammed Ali Jinnah give the responsibility for the the development of our own constitution tu liaquat Ali khan .

liyakat Ali Khan give the responsibility e of making constitution companions Dr hamidullah Syed sulaiman nadvi and others. Liaquat Ali Khan firstly presented objective resolution in the Assembly and successful to pass this resolution from the floor of assembly. moreover the first constitution of Pakistan is passed in 1956 as well as its implemented in Pakistan in 1956. Fortunately the duration of this Constitution was just 2.5 years due to the Martial law of Field Marshal ayub Khan.

This is the first platform which is teaching the constitution of Pakistan 1973 PDF in Urdu moreover constitution of Pakistan 1973 notes I will also available on this platform.

similarly we have already discussed solution and the history of objective resolution in detail in our constitution lecture named as constitution of Pakistan 1973 part 1.

in our next lectures we will discuss the fundamental rights in the constitution of Pakistan 1973 in detail however 1973 constitution of Pakistan main points are dealing with the fundamental rights of the citizen of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Author: A.J. Bhatti