HEC Pakistan Announced “Taleem Bundle” A Cheaper Internet Package for Students for Online Classes

HEC Pakistan Taleem Bundle cheap internet package for Uni Students Online Classes

Taleem Bundle | HEC Pakistan Announced to Offer Cheaper Internet Packages to Students for Online Classes. HEC Pakistan an an official announcement about Taleem Bundle for Students on their @hecpkofficial as “Taleem Bundle”: we are working with the mobile operators on a data bundle that will give you internet access to educational resources at a MUCH cheaper rate (yes, your online classes too!). Stay tuned for more info.”

HEC Pakistan are offering “Taleem Bundle” A Cheaper Internet package for Students

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has declared that it is making an arrangement telecommunication organizations to allow cheaper internet packages for University Students and teachers to conduct their Online classes. As Many of the students and teachers had reported HEC Pakistan about the severe and costly internet packages while attending their Online classes with different plate-forms like Zoom App, Facebook Google Handouts etx. Due to these reasons, there are news about zoom app banned in NY and Taiwan.

What is HEC Pakistan Tealeem Budle?

HEC is deeply analyzing the matter regarding the issues of students, especially the internet problems that they are suffering in the pandemic situation, HEC Pakistan has announce on Tuesday in an official tweet about Taleem Bundle . HEC Pakistan announce that we are working with telecoms and designed a Taleem Bundle which will be cheaper internet package for students and teachers of universities of public and private sector to attend their online classes smoothly. and they’re looking closely to solve all the matters and maintaining the cooperation and participation with mobile companies to accommodate students with cheaper internet packages to run smoothly educational sector and online classes.

HEC Pakistan Announced TALEEM BUNDLE Cheap and Subdrized Internet Packages for Online Classes For

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