How to Record Online video Lecture from PowerPoint Slides

Online Video lecture recording with MS Powerpoint without any Screen Capturing Software

How to record online video Lecture from Microsoft PowerPoint Slides and Presentations for online classes. Online video lectures can be delivered. Yesterday, Director General Punjab University Gujranwala Campus in his video message on Facebook announced that there will be no live online lectures on Zoom App platform. Students and Teachers are facing problems. There are many reasons behind the discontinuation of online classes in an ZOOM application. International Media is also publishing news about the Zoom application ban in New York and Taiwan due to to security and privacy issues. (Read Top 5 zoom app Alternatives)

Pre-Recorded Online Lectures

Keeping in the light off all the circumstances Punjab University Gujranwala campus has decided to to broadcast pre-recorded online videos. Here in this video demonstration I would present how video to record the the video lectures in Microsoft PowerPoint. Although there are many screen recording software available for recrording online video lectures from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. OBS studio, Camtasia Studio and icecream screen recording are some of the best screen capturing tools around the globe.

How to record video Lectures in MS PowerPoint

As all respected teachers I have already there Microsoft PowerPoint slides for conducting classes and have better understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint. Hence this video demonstration can make it easy to record online lectures by using the the record narration option of Microsoft PowerPoint. This video is made using Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. But record narration is also available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and higher versions. (Read How to Install MS Office Installation)

Due to present situation, all Around The World the trend of online video lecture recording is advice by Higher Education Commission. HEC Pakistan also advised universities to to work on online lecture delivery system for their students in the present corona-virus situation.

This video will help my respected teachers and lecturers and professor who have their power. Presentations in slides delivery of lectures to multimedia. Demonstrate how to record video lecture using Microsoft PowerPoint without recording software. Video and audio narration can be recorded with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and higher compatible versions of Microsoft Office.

Online Lecture Recording with MS PowerPoint URDU Hindi | Online video lecture recording

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