PPSC Lecturer Computer Science syllabus Preparation Session 4

PPSC Computer Science Lecturer syllabus Preparation Session 4 video lecture is about structured query language and the statements of SQL from database system. In previous Two lectures related to Punjab Public Service Commission computer science lecturer syllabus off of database systems were discussed in two different sessions today we will complete Punjab Public Service Commission preparation session number 4 for database systems. In this session we will start from the concept of physical design of database and will continue to structured query language and its statements with practice on w3schools.com using demo database.

PPSC computer science Lecturer Preparation session 4

In this session we have discussed about all the statements used in structured query language. As we know that SQL statements are divided into two main categories data definition language statements and data manipulation language statements. Create alter and drop statements are categorized into data manipulation language while insert select update delete are categorized in data manipulation language statements.

CS403 Final Term Preparation | VU Short Lectures | Lecture 22 to 40 SQL Statement Database.

Topics of First CS403 Final Term short VU Final Exam Preparation includes first 18 lectures. VU Cs304 lectures 22 to Lecture 40.
1. Structured Query Language (SQL)
2. Types of Structured Query Language (SQL)
3. Data definition language (DDL)
4. Data control Language (DCL)
5. Select statement in urdu
6. Select with Group by
7. Select with order by
8. select with having clause
9. Select with attributes and alias
10. Joins and its types
11. inner joins
12. left join
13. right join
14. Insert into table
15. inset into values
16. select from where

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