Introduction to Philosophy of Education- George F. Kneller – Review

Introduction to philosphy of education George kneller

During my MS/M.Phil I wrote a #review on the book “Introduction to Philosophy of Education by Sir George G. Jenller” . I am sharing it with my readers to let them know how to write review on a book. As a #research #student or #scholar you might be asked to write review on any book.

Book Review on: Introduction to Philosophy of Education          

Author: George F. Kneller

No. of Pages: 129                                                                               Publishing/Year: John Wiley

& Son Australia, Limited,

1971 (1964)

The book “Introduction to Philosophy of Education” written by George F. Kneller is best for the readers who don’t familiar with foundation of education. It is a special and comprehensive in outlining the elements of philosophy for proper understanding of education and task of teaching. This book is a rewritten and edited version of an existing book “Foundation of Education”(Wiley, 1963) with new sections on existentialism and logical analysis. This enlargement also includes new chapter in Traditional philosophies of education discussing idealism, realism and pragmatism. The final chapter present well-spoken summaries on Progressivism, Perennialism, Essentialism, and Reconstructionism.

 “to educate men wisely we must know what we education them to become” is the starting line of the this book. This line urged me to read complete contents. There are many more too like this in a special book for the beginners. I love this book, the author has a very simple way to explain the philosophy of education. I found Mr. Kneller a justifying author about subject matter. Its contents comprised on four chapters and are organized so easy for me to read it. It helped me a lot to know about Philosophy of Education. I would like to mark it as an excellent beginning book that might even inspire the advanced philosophers. I consider it a must read book for beginning of one’s Doctoral studies.

George F. Kneller is a professional educationist with many others books written in the relevant domain. The purpose of this book is to outline the elements of philosophy of education for a beginner. The author organized the contents in four chapters and summarized the text so well that it is easy to read it within the time allotted in all normal study programs. Contents of the book presents something to value to the general readers who wishes to know about thinking of philosophers and educationists.  It helps the reader to lay-critics of education to articulate their views in an accurate way. One of the virtue of this book is its forthright and concrete approach towards philosophy of education for free concentration on various viewpoints. For example in first chapters the core concepts of philosophy is detailed from very basic level. This chapter concludes with the discussion of applications of philosophy, previously introduced, in education in a specific context. In second chapter, traditional philosophies are outlined which are extended to newer models of thinking in third chapters. In the fourth and last chapter all previously detailed matters are concluded and analyzed in a summarized way with introduction of contemporary educational theories.

All educational practices are grounded in an educational philosophy, theoretical approach, or stance. The author makes it very clear in this book that it “does not make sense to conduct research into teaching without a clearly pronounced beginning of the educational Philosophy. I really liked this book for his easy style of writing. I suggest this book to every learner who wish to know the concrete grounds of philosophy of education. I recommend that it must be re-written again with inclusion of new and latest contents like problems of methodology of scientific knowledge, ontological and gnoseological thinking alongside with their role in education. (Modern philosophy of education  by N. P Kirillov, V. N. Fadeeva, and V.V. Fadeev).

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