How to Install CodeIgniter for Windows 10 (Using Xamp Server)

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The Article How to Install CodeIgniter for Windows 10 (Using Xamp Server) determines you the overview of CodeIgniter and also provides you step by step guide how to download codeigniter as well as how to install codeigniter 4 .

Codeigniter  is a famous , open source PHP framework which is based on the three components  M.V.C development pattern

M = ?,V = ?,C = ? / MVC=?

1:- M stands for Model, Where all logic’s and Queries will written for the     Database, for the purpose of  Insert Delete and Update User Data in CodeIgniter Framework.

2:-C stands for Controller which works as Coordinator or Intermediate  between Model and View. All the Methods or Basic Functions are written or called in the Controller of CodeIgniter.

3:-V stands for View Where your html code is written basically   a View is a  basic presentation of   your CodeIgniter Application or In simple words Information which is presented to user is written in the View.

MVC Codeigniter FrameWork for Codeigniter…

This will helps you to understand the basic working of MVC (Codeigniter)

CodeIgniter is a powerful framework with a very small course, built for New developers who need a simple and smart framework  to create full-smart web applications. CodeIgniter was created by EllisLab, and is now a project of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

The Users/Viewers

This is a very simple and basic level or in other words 1st level Article aimed/prepared for the New and Beginners developers who would like to install the Codeigniter without any problem. It provides a complete understanding of the CodeIgniter Framework Installation.This article will determines and shows how to install and organize a Php framework (codeIgniter) on your Local Host Server (Xamp)from scratch and discuss the various problems which a beginner can face after installing CodeIgniter frame work.

After reviewing users attentions learn how to install will also provides you step by step tutorials of how to install codeigniter in ubuntu , how to install codeigniter on wamp ,How to install codeigniter using composer , codeigniter tutorial special tutorials , how to use codeigniter ,How to download and install localhostcodeigniter

How to Install CodeIgniter Step By Step….

Step 1.1(How to Download Codeigniter For Windows 10)

  • First You have to Install CodeIgniter for windows 10 by the underlying link
  • You can download CodeIgniter from the given below link codeigniter download
  • For Example:-Click on the Latest version to Download the Latest Version of CodeIgniter for Windows 10.

By clicking on the Download button the latest version of Codeigniter for Window 10 will be download to your PC.

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Step 1.2( Start How to Install Codeigniter)

  • Now you need to Un-Zip the CodeIgniter folder you just downloaded, then rename the un-zipped folder created as the project you will develop.

OR (the other way to know how to install CodeIgniter)

The most easy and simple step, I will suggest it to you ,the main advantage of using this step is it will never confuse you  

Installing CodeIgniter Step 1.2.1

  • Select all files from the CodeIgniter Folder and copy them by pressing (Ctrl+V)
First Press CTRL+A to Select The CTRL+C to copy

Step 1.2.2 ( Installing CodeIgniter On XAMPP Server- Installing on Local Host)

  • Now build a new folder with any name, in your Local host directory htdocs ( e.g Xamp and Wamp)
  • Now you should simply Paste or Upload all files of CodeIgniter Folder  to your Xamp server htdocs directory by pressing Ctrl+V.
  • Just have a look on the image below…
The name of the Folder is the Name of your Application

Step 1.3 (Installing Codeigniter-Check weather the Installation is done or not…)

  • After uploading all the files to your Local server
  • Visit the URL of your server
  • For Example  I am using the Xamp Server as a Local Host so I will access the Codigniter Application using this address e.g. localhost/ci/index.php
  • Where ci is the folder where you upload CodeaIgniter files and now it becomes the name of your CodeIgniter Application).

On visiting the URL, you will see the following above Welcome Massage on your screen −

Step 1.3 (How to Install or work with CodeIgniter for beginners)

  • Now, As a  beginner you should also know how to open the application in any Text editor I will also do it for you .
  • Now you have to open any Text Editor like I will use Sublime Text to open my CodeIgniter Application .
  • Similarly Open Sublime Editor
  • Now Go to the File
  • Moreover Click on the Open folder
  • Similarly Now Click on  This Pc
  • Now Click on  Local Disk C
  • Double Click on Xamp folder
  • Double Click on htdocs folder
  • Similarly Single Click on “ci” folder to select it .
  • Moreover Click on Select Folder Button to open your CodeIgniter Application
  • Similarly Now your CodeIgniter Application “ci” is open in Sublime Text editor.
Your Application is now open in Sublime Text Editor

Congratulations !!!

Your installation has been completed!!!!

Thankyou For Reading this Article..

Author: A.J. Bhatti