Election Officer Test Preparations | Solved MCQs on Everyday Science MCQs download pdf 2

Everyday Science MCQS for the preparation of Election Officer Test Syllabus 2020 which has been issued by a press release by Election Commission.

Everyday Science Questions and Answers

Q: A train goes past a railway station at a high speed. A young boy standing
on the edge of the platform is likely to

(c) Fall toward the train

Q: Water is a highly effective coolant for a car engine because

(a) Water is good conductor of heat

Q: Scalding with steam is more severe than scalding by boiling water because

(c) Steam contains more energy than boiling water

Q: In order to prevent the corrosion of iron pipes they are often coated
with a layer of zinc. This process is termed as

(c) Galvanization

Q: The cracking sound heard when dry hair is combed with a hard rubber comb
is due to

(d) None of these

Q: Detergents dissolved in water help in cleaning clothes by

(c) Reducing the surface tension of water

Q: The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

(b) Capillary action phenomenon

Q: Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water proof properties

(c) Specific gravity

Q: For being able to see three-dimensional pictures we have to use

(b) A camera

Q: Water has maximum density at

(c) 4.8 C

Election Officer Test Syllabus 2020 has been issued by a press release by Election Commission. Election Officer Test Preparation has been started on our paid members areas. As per the Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a press release about the Election Officer jobs 2020 syllabus on 22 December 2020, 10% Mcqs will be from Solved MCQs on Everyday Science. Here are 100+ Solved MCQs on Everyday Science. This time election commission of Pakistan has changed the syllabus and pattern of exam as previously conducted pattern in Election Officer past papers. Election Commission of Pakistan has also not announced Election Officer test dates 2020 yet but they have advised the aspirants of Election Officer jobs 2020 to regularly visit website of election commission of Pakistan about the information of test date and the examination center about Election Officer test too.

Election Officer Test Syllabus and Preparation 2020 Jobs

Election Officer Jobs Paper Pattern

A written paper including 100 MCQs from above mentioned syllabus will be conducted. Therefore, Total allotted time for the Election Officerexamtest would be 1.30 Hours. It is same as PPSC conduct the test. Still no information about the Selection Criteria and Merit and negative marketing. At last, the merit will be set.

Author: A.J. Bhatti