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Audio visual aids are used as an education technology for teaching students are elementary and secondary level. Overhead projector and its importance of teaching aid are proved. In these slides You may find answers to primitive question what is audio visual? and audio visual materials can help in creating interest and enhancing learning process. There are certain types of audio visual media including examples of audio and audio visual materials used as types of instructional technology.

These slides are made for Allam Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Students of classes M.A Education, M.Ed and other courses including these topics of Education and technology

Here are pdf multimedia slides, for Education Technology and Audio visual aids. Role of Audio visual aids in the education of students can also be find in these pdf slides.

What is Educational technology

  • Greek Words
  • Techne   – > Art / Craft  (Skill)
  • Logia – > Systematic study
  • Education Technology is a man made device, a process or a logical technique designed to produce or reproducible effect.

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What is Audio Visual Aids Education

Information: referred as processed form of data which can be recorded,
organized and transmitted. Communication: Transfer of ideas(data
& information) though systems, devices such as computer, cell phones, internet, TV etc. Technology: the way one make, modify and use tools, techniques, systems and machines to solve problems efficiently.

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