What is Cyber Security and Types of Security Threats | Different Types of Malware

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What is cyber security and what are the most common security attacks that can disrupt the normal functionality of a computer system are web-based system is two burning questions for a student of Computer Science and cyber security. In today’s lesson, we will start with the definition of cybersecurity and the importance of cyber security. We will also learn how different types of malicious software can be as vulnerable for attacking a computer system using computer Based attacks and web-based attacks. We know that there are many types of malicious software air and cyber security attacks that can be planned by intruders.

What is cyber Secruity attakcs

The technique of protecting internet-connected systems such as computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks is known as cybersecurity. We can divide cybersecurity into two parts one is cyber, and the other is security. Cyber refers to the technology that includes systems, networks, programs, and data. And security is concerned with the protection of systems, networks, applications, and information. In some cases, it is also called electronic information security or information technology security.

Some other definitions of cybersecurity are:

“Cyber Security is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, theft, damage, modification or unauthorized access.”“Cyber Security is the set of principles and practices designed to protect our computing resources and online information against threats.”

Types of Cyber Security Threats

A threat in cybersecurity is a malicious activity by an individual or organization to corrupt or steal data, gain access to a network, or disrupts digital life in general. The cyber community defines the following threats available today:

Today you will learn about different types of these security threats and attacks. This video lesson is recorded in Urdu and Hindi language for the students of cybersecurity and computer Sciences in their undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Types of Cyber Security Attacks and Types of Security Threats
Here is the list of topics that will be covered in today’s video and lesson.

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