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Here are the best PPSC Past Papers 2021 pdf MCQs with Answers Free to Download For PPSC,FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India.

PPSC Past Papers 2020 pdf MCQs with Solved Answers

31: Political terms Shadow cabinet stands for

A cabinet of ministers specialise in their fields

 A group of specialised critics in the official opposition party

 A cabinet of an elected techno creates

A group of ministers who are very close to the Prime Minister

32:”Deal of the century” presented by US President Donald Trump related to

 US China trade

The US Iran relations

US Russia relations

Palestine issue

33: The lengthiest written constitution of the word is

British constitution

Indian constitution

Chinese constitution

French constitution

34: the word “REX” stands for

The king


 The Court

The Parliament

35: Ho Chi minh was leader of the leader of

Leader of Thailand

The Leader of Japan

Leader of Vietnam

Leader of Laos

36: Continental shelf limits of Pakistan is

12 nautical miles

Hundred nautical miles

250 nautical miles

350 nautical miles

37: Soviet Union was replaced by Russian Federation in

October 1991

November 1991

 December 1991

January 1992

38: settlement of border dispute and assigning of boundary agreement with China proved a milestone in the history of Saino-Pak relations which of the following diplomats rendered his services to finalize the agreement

 Manzoor Qadir

Agar Muhammad Raza

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Muhammad Ali bogra

39:Kyoto Protocol came into force in





40:Pakistan installed her first nuclear power station in Karachi with the cooperation of





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PPSC PAST PAPERS MCQs with Answers PDF | Free to Download For PPSC, FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests

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