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PPSC Past Paper MCQS

Here are the PPSC Past Paper Repeated MCQs 2021 /PPSC Repeated Past Paper MCQs 2021 with Answers Free to Download For PPSC,FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India.

PPSC Repeated MCQs 2021 with Solved Answers

1. Which article of the 1973 Constitution prohibits all forms of slavery forced labor and child labor?





2. Under the Factories Act 1934 no adult employee, defined as a worker who has completed his or her 18 year of age can be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess of ……. hours a day and ….. hours a week?





3. Servile is the opposite of?





4. In the election of the president of the United States of America the largest number of members of the electoral college are elected from the state of?

New York




5. Out of the Following, the the largest ethnic group by population without having a state of its own is?





6. The first President of Palestinian authority Yasir Arafat died on?

11th September 2006

 9th November 2001

  12 December 2007

  11 November 2004

7. Which vitamin is Provided by sunlight to the body?

 vitamin A

 B vitamin

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin D

8. The imaginary line of 0 degree longitude which passes through Greenwich is called?



 Tropic of Cancer

 Tropic of Capricorn

9. The famous book “East of Eden” is the work of

John steinbeck

 R.W. Emerson


 Ernest Hemingway

10. Bastille day is the Commemoration of the storming of the bestille Fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the Revolutionary up-Rising in?





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