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Here are the PPSC Past Paper Repeated MCQs 2021 /PPSC Repeated Past Papers MCQs 2021 with Answers Free to Download For PPSC,FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests for all types of Jobs announced in Pakistan and India.

PPSC Repeated MCQs 2021 with Solved Answers

21. Yangtze river does not pass through which of the country




all of these

22. The Incan Civilization flourished in?

South America

  North America



23. The largest city By population in the  great Lakes region is?





24. An ordinary Mobile phone communicate by using?

Sound waves


radio waves

UV Waves

25. Stock industries at Tokyo are known by their popular name of

David Jones

Hang Seng



26. annuity is?

 A sum of money received on a regular basis as one of a series of fixed payments

  a financial product designed to pay out a stream of payments to the holder at a later point in time

 both a and b

 annual payment of dues

27. Hobson’s choice?

Giving no choice at all

 to make the best choice

make the worst choice

  to settle for a compromise

28. The phenomena of ‘Arab Spring’ was sparked by the self-immolation of Muhammad Bozuzi , a fruit seller in?





29. The hurricane in the October 2012 which caused wide-spread damage in the Eastern sea-boards states of the USA is?





30. Voucher maybe?

Payment bill

Wages sheet

Bank receipt

all of these

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