PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Preparation Quiz no 11

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science MCQs with Answers Quiz No 11| PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz is From the Second half of the Sixth session on the Topic of Operating Systems . This Quiz consists of 30 questions from which 30 question are from Computer science subject. However 5 questions are General Knowledge questions. All Questions are MCQ’s Based questions.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science MCQs with Answer Quiz Syllabus

Operating Systems : History and Goals, Evolution of multi-user systems, Process and CPU management, Multithreding, Kernel and User Modes, Protection, Problems of cooperative processes, Synchronization, Deadlocks, Memory management and virtual memory, Relocation, External Fragmentation, Paging and Demand Paging, Secondary storage, Security and Protection, File systems, I/O systems, Introduction to distributed operating systems. Scheduling, dispatch and Introduction to concurrency.

PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Quiz no 11 Preparation Video

Author: A.J. Bhatti