How to write an abstract for research paper

There are many other things you need to know before start writing an abstract. However In this lecture you are going to learn how to write an abstract for a paper as well as how to write an abstract for a dissertation.

In Short an abstract is a breif and short summary of a research paper which hels the reader to quikly get the prupose for which that specific paper is written. An abstract is the main part of a research paper which shows the theme of any research paper. In abstract a short summary and discription of the research paper is explained or written .By reading an abstract of any reserarch paper you become able to decide that the perticular research paper is relevant for your study or not.

There are five parts of research abstract which you must learn if you want to learn how to write an abstract for research paper which are

1:Problem Statement

2: Existing Solutions

3:Deficiency in Existing Solutions

4: What is your proposed rough solution

what to write an abstract
what to write an abstract

After learning these four steps you will learn how to write and what to write in your abstract and from where you can collect data.

1: Problem Statements

The description of issues and problems which are currently exists and which should need to address . Problem statements are the backgrounds of the research study and these are the statements which rise questions which should be answered by the research. When you strat studing for your research and after reading 5 to 10 papers or abstracts of a paper you will reach at a point in which are able to examine or anlyze the existing problems i the perticular area of your research.

2:Problems Identification

After reading and doing a deep analysis of 5 to 10 papers now you become able to know which problems are still existing in this area of research. After identifying the problems convert them into questions and ask or present them to your teacher.Moreover after examines the question your teacher will approve your topic and give you permission to start research. However Now its your turn to get the answers of these questions and solutions of these problems.

how to write an abstract dissertation
how to write an abstract dissertation

3: Existing Solutions / Defficiency of Existing System

The existing system is the term which is used to determine the anything which is already exist in the world or in the market. However before starting your research you have to gather all information of the existing solutions or systems. This critical analysis is also important and usefull for the upgrading of new system of the development of new system. We have already discussed that the deficiency of existing system lead or motivates the researcher to research more and eliminate the deficiencies by proposing new system or by upgrading existing system.

4:What is your proposed model for research

Similarly after completing all the above steps now what you have to do is to proposed a rough model of your research area and the solution you want to provide for the specific problem and after completing this step now you are able to write your abstrach by provideing all credentials of your research.

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Author: A.J. Bhatti