CS713 Assignment No 1 solution 2019 IDEA Video

cs713 assignment no1 solution

CS713 Assignment No 1 solution 2019 IDEA Video – CS713 – Object Oriented DBMS

Due Date: May 20, 2019

Instructions to Solve Assignments

The purpose of assignments is to provide you with hands on practice on database design. It is expected that students will solve the assignments themselves. Following rules will apply during the evaluation of assignment.

  • Cheating from any source will result in zero marks in the assignment.
  • Any student found cheating in any two of the assignments submitted will be awarded “F” grade in the course.
  • In case of question No. 02 direct copy and paste from the research paper will be awarded zero marks.
  • No assignment after due date will be accepted.

Question No. 1(a) [Marks: 15]

Consider a windows interface that has one toolbar and one menu bar on it. The menu bar has different menu items whereas tool bar contains different icons on it. Following (class) diagram shows the relationships:

Here interface seems to be a complex object that further has reference of two different objects (menu bar and toolbar). Note that each object shown in above diagram may has its attributes which you can suppose by yourself.

You are required to transform the above scenario in relational database model and show the final tables and associations.

Interface (intefaceID, Interdacedesc,toolbarID)

Toolbar (toolbarid, toolbardetail)




Question No. 1(b) [Marks: 15]

Consider the following inheritance relation:

There are three classes named “Shape”, “Rectangle” and “Circle”. “Rectangle” and “Circle” classes are derived from “Shape” class.

You have studied three approaches to convert such relations in relational database model. Mention the resulting table(s) using all three approaches separately for above scenario.

Question No. 2 [Marks: 20]

Read the paper titled “Achievements and Weaknesses of Object-Oriented Databases” attached with this assignment folder and answer the following:

Q1: Write brief summary of the paper (250 words maximum)

            Absarct and conclusion (shroet rephrase )

Q2: Write down the critical review (strengths and weaknesses) of the paper.

            250 word) … strengths aur wekness

CS713 Assignment No 1 solution 2019 IDEA Video

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