CS403 Final Term Preparation in 3 Hours

cs403 Final term preparation

CS403 Final Term Preparation with VU Short Lectures for Database Management System on VU Lectures 11-22 in just an hour. Topics of this second video session covers cs403 lectures no 11 to lecture no 22. All necessory concepts about the lectures are explained in these short VU Final Exam Preparation session and lectures. it will help the students of BSCS, BSSE, BSIT, MIT, MCS to prepare Vu final exam in shortest and easy method. In this CS403 Short lecture recorded in Urdu 11-22 Vu Lectures are discussed in detail so that student with minimum understanding of Database management system can grasp.

CS403 Final Term Preparation | VU Short Lectures | Database Management System Lecture 11-22

In this video following topics will be covered. Main Relational Data model, Normalization, Joins and its types and logical and conceptual design is discussed.

Topics Covered in this Session 1. Relationships and Cardinalities in between Entities 2. Conceptual Database Design 3. Logical Database Design 4.

VU LECTURE NO. 14 5. Reading Material 6. Relational Data Model 7. Introduction to the Relational Data model 8. Mathematical Relations 9. Database Relations 10.

VU LECTURE NO. 15 11. Reading Material 12. Database and Math Relations 13. Degree of a Relation 14.

VU LECTURE NO. 16 15. Mapping Relationships 16. Binary Relationships 17. Unary Relationship 18. Data Manipulation Languages 19. Relational Algebra 20.

VU LECTURE NO. 17 . 21. The Project Operator 22.

VU LECTURE NO. 18 23. Types of Joins 24. Theta Join 25. Equi–Join 26. Natural Join 27. Outer Join: 28. Semi Join 29. Relational Calculus 30. Tuple Oriented Relational Calculus 31. Domain Oriented Relational Calculus: 32. Normalization 33.

VU LECTURE NO. 19 Reading Material 34. Functional Dependency 35. Inference Rules 36. Normal Forms 37. VU LECTURE NO. 20 38. Second Normal Form 39. Third Normal Form 40. Boyce – Codd Normal Form 41. Higher Normal Forms 42. Summary 43. Exercise 44.

VU LECTURE NO. 21 45. Normalization Summary

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