CS101 Assignment 3 Spring 2021 Solution Guideline

cs101 assignment 3 solution 100 guideline

CS101 Assignment 3 Spring 2021 Solution Guideline | 100% Correct Solution | Link in Description. This is a solution to assignment no 3 for CS101 introduction to computing. This assignment is from the concepts of Documentation of Software Engineering. In CS101 Handouts it has been explained that there are three types of documentations techniques are being used :

  • System documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • user documentation

The second question is about MS access and how to write queries in MS Access. Here is complete questions of the assignments and then Solution Guideline in Video and Text Format is here – Complete 100% solution download.

CS101 Assignment 3 Spring 2021

As you know documentation helps in understanding the software systems in a better way and due

to its’ importance, it is considered a key topic in Software Engineering.

Following are some scenarios (screenshots) of Software Systems related to various document types. You are required to identify the exact documentation type as per the given scenarios. (Just name it, no explanation required)

Answer is : system Documentation
Answer IS : Technical Documentation
Watch video for solution

Q No 2

XYZ force has announced the new vacancies in their various departments. Many candidates have applied for vacant posts in different departments. Candidates will be selected based on their age, degree, and experience.

Analyze the given tables showing the information of different candidates and departments. You are required to write the queries for given statements.

  1. Write a query to select the departments with 5 vacancies from the Department table.
  2. Write a query to select the candidates with a degree of BSIT from the Candidates table.
  3. Write the query to show all the candidates with no experience from table Candidates.
  4. Write the query to identify all the posts offered in Lahore from column Location in the Department table.
  5. Write a query to display all the information under department name and job title from the Department’s table.
  6. Write a query to display all the information under department name and vacancies from the Department’s table.

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