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Note the students who are worried about the online exams of Allama Iqbal Open University.
Dear students!

These exams will be very easy. Be Satisfied Those who try their best to solve the paper will easily pass.

Only Urdu and Arabic medium papers are to be handwritten on a sheet, scanned and uploaded as a PDF. All other papers are to be typed and sent in English. Those who had kept the English medium book of their choice in Urdu medium and have taken guide books etc. from the market in Urdu will also have their papers in English. The list of Urdu Medium is available on the University website.

For those who are bothered by composing or typing etc., it is reported that just like you write a post or SMS on social media, you can also solve the exam paper. Download the Color Note application to your mobile phone and read the questions on the paper and write on the pad like an SMS. In the meantime, you will be able to get guidance from books, internet and other sources. Your written content will not be deleted. Of course, you close the application without saving it. Write all the questions in one post and after completing the paper, select and copy all the material together.

Open your LMS account and paste where there is a typing option.
Download the MS WORD application to your mobile and paste or type in it. When the paper is complete, save this file with the relevant code name and you can load this file from the upload file option on the LMS portal.

However, for students unfamiliar with MS Word, the first method is easy.

University homepage link
Link to roll number slip
Link to open LMS account
Link to MS Word application
http: // …
Link to application to create PDF from images
Image To PDF
Download it from http: // …
Link to the application to reduce the size of the PDF file
Pdf Compressor
Download it from http: // …
Note: BA / AD students should download their paper from the link with roll number slip and solve the paper and submit it to the tutor appointed by the university by post before the last date.

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